By Addison Herron-Wheeler

There’s magic in the air in Humboldt County, one of the most fertile spots on the planet for growing outdoor cannabis. And Moon Made Farms is channeling all of that magic into their gorgeous space, sustainability, ethos, and potent plants. 

The farm is Sun+Earth- and DEM Pure-certified, meaning they rely as much as they can on natural forces to grow their cannabis, and yes, as the name implies, that means both sunlight and moonlight. 

Starting with the basics, we grow under the full spectrum sun and night sky, water and irrigate with rain-caught water, and tune into the moon cycles using a lunar calendar,” explains founder and owner Tina Gordon. “Every regenerative farm has its unique practices based on environment. We nurture our native soil with organic inputs, as many from the land as possible.” 

Being in an oak grove in Garberville, California, at 2,200 feet, that means many of the farm’s inputs are derived from the mighty oak. At only 33 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Gordon explains that they welcome a sweet breeze that flows through the plants. The breeze picks up into an afternoon wind which cools the plants on hot days. “Our cool nights bring a temperature differential that these plants thrive upon, encouraging robust terpene expressions,” Gordon says. 

Embracing Biodiversity

She also highlights how their farm grows plants besides just cannabis, which further helps elevate the natural ecosystem. 

“We bring biodiversity to our gardens with cover crops, companion plants, and both living and natural mulches which help retain water and bring mycelium to the soil increasing water holding capacity in the living soil,” she says. 

The farm uses porous clay Olla pots (or oya pots). These pots are buried in the soil up to the neck, then filled with water every few days. It represents an ancient irrigation technology developed in arid areas that help conserve water — like much of the West, California is experiencing drought. “Cultivating in open air means constantly responding to natural conditions, tuning in, being present,” Gordon says.

Tina Gordon relocated to Southern Humboldt County in 2007, following a long-held desire to leave dense urban life behind. She had a diverse background of experiences, and sought a diverse and inclusive community. She was able to turn a stretch of land that once belonged to a friend into her home, and she turned that into 40 acres that would become a farm, a collective, and a center of agricultural innovation. 

In our modern world, it is easy to try and control everything, especially when it comes to endeavors like growing plants and cultivating an income to live off of. But Moon Made’s philosophy is counter to that. 

“Everything about the farm and farm life is in flux,” Gordon says. “It’s counterintuitive in the modern world to embrace a philosophy centered around responding to the natural forces as opposed to trying to control them. This creates daily humbling life lessons on the farm.” Gordon explains that 15 years ago, when she transitioned to the Humboldt area from San Francisco, she started tuning in to the environment and reflecting upon the very personal transformation she was going through. This experience informed the “golden rules” by which she says she does her best to guide the farm and the people here. Her guiding framework for ethics on the farm makes sense, but is sometimes hard to follow in the modern world: Living things come first. Have eyes on every plant, every day. Tune in with all of your senses. Be the plant. Be considerate. State your needs

This increased awareness and attention to detail when it comes to using everything the earth and environment can provide is what makes Moon Made Farms special. 

Photo by La Osa

“Every farm is an expression of the place and the people cultivating the plants,” Gordon adds. “Every subtle shift in environmental forces and every decision people make, all of the intention and energy surrounding this plant is soaked up by this highly sensitive and intelligent plant and revealed in its full expression. The full sensory experience cannabis provides is a reflection, the essence of these combined forces. This is why I think it’s so important for people to consider what they’re ingesting.”

When it comes to what you can expect from the flower, Moon Made Farms is about the terpenes. Their latest offering is Forbidden Wonder, a cross between Pineapple Wonder and Forbidden Fruit x Watermelon Zkittlez. They have also grown a (Lolab x Mazar) x  Orange Valley Sun as well as Type 2, mixed-ration CBD:THC cultivars like Sapphire Tsu, Serpentine, and a couple of newer offerings. Their Small Reserve line is intended to offer regenerative sungrown at an affordable price.

In addition to an intentional growing style and some unique strains, Gordon is dedicated to activism. She travels California with the Weed Like Change campaign, bringing attention to the small, regenerative, sungrown farms who are growing amazing craft flower. 

“What I’m seeing is a lack of access to regenerative sungrown in urban areas,” Gordon explains. “People are having a hard time during this economic downturn, and cannabis can help! There’s so much human suffering during these chaotic and uncertain times, and a healthy relationship with this plant can help bring introspection and a helpful shift in perspective along with much-needed homeostasis. I want to help increase access to the healthiest weed possible to the good people.”

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