By Leah Braggs, Photo by Professor P

THC:CBD ratio testing is a new offering that has been popping up at analytical laboratories across the country over the last few years and saving growers serious time and money in the process. Imagine the electricity, soil, money and not to mention 8-10 weeks of flowering-time to determine if a particular strain suits your mission.

Well those days are over thanks to science– chemists are finding that a cannabis strain’s ratio of THC to CBD stays relatively similar throughout the life of the plant. Ratios are not always precisely the same in all strains, but the variances are small enough that a CBD focused horticulturalist can submit early leaf material from several new potential varieties and find out which one is scientifically more likely to produce the CBD’s they desire.

Beyond the ratios, Phylos Bioscience in Portland, Oregon offers a genotype test, resulting in a detailed report highlighting heritage and relationship data for each sample you submit, along with a time-stamped certificate.

You also receive a digital ID card to share with your customers via your website and social media, which links to the Phylos Galaxy, a 3D visualization of cannabis strains utilizing DNA sequence data to map the relationships between cannabis varieties and shows the position of your sample based on its genetic relationship to every other sample in their database.

The galaxy is truly amazing and can be seen online at:


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