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Legends of Grow – Volume 5, Issue 6


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Many years ago, the government stole the power and knowledge of cannabis cultivation from us, the people. The Legends of Grow had the wisdom and courage to shine light in the darkness and unified the teachings of time into many units of literature. No longer hidden, the power was restored back to the people through units of articles, books, and magazines.



This issue of Grow Magazine is dedicated to some of the foremost pioneers of cultivation knowledge: Mel Frank, Skunkman Sam, Robert C. Clarke, Ed Rosenthal, and Tom Alexander. Without their sacrifices(courage), dedication(wisdom) and persistence(power), they were able to collectively influence the culture and gardens (indoor and outdoor) worldwide. The “units” referred to above are their written articles, books, and magazines–which they continue to print and produce. We highly encourage you to purchase their work for protection and preservation of cannabis cultivation knowledge for years to come, as the battle for veiling what was once common knowledge is not over.

Also in this issue, we go highlight some Indoor Garden Essentials with our tried and true Essential Product reviews, talking about some of the latest LED lighting fixtures and indoor climate control machines.

For this issue’s farm visit, we bring you to the Kingdom of Lesotho– an 11,720 square mile country nestled in the borders of South Africa is home to the first piece of cannabis tech in the kingdom, along with lessons learned and future visions. Vincent Clarkson of Grow Track tells their story.

In the Grow Files section, we bring up the topic of light spectrum and how it applies to your plants in Which Light is Right? by Kellen Kronbear. We also go down the road of ISO Standards by A.C Moon, and she puts it in black and white which of those standards apply to commercial growers’ needs.  Lastly, our aeroponic guru AeroBro breaks it down step-by-step on how to assemble your own high-quality aeroponic cloner. It is a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to build one and a little history on why aeroponics came to be in the first place.

And as we close out this last issue of Volume 5, we remember yet another legend who was recently called back up to the cosmos, and that man was known as Bushy Old Grower, or BOG. Jamez Bean of SeedsHereNow recounts this legend’s story to some of those who may not have had the privilege of meeting or interacting with BOG. His legendary genetics live on, and so does his story in The Aliens Came Down…


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