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Indo Issue – Volume 4, Issue 1


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Our Indo issue  features our first ever CENTERFOLD! Enter the Grow Spotlight, brought to you by Revolution Micro and the great team at Potent Farms of Oregon. Inside this installment of Grow Magazine, you can find out the Secret Behind Powdery Mildew with Todd McCormick as he breaks down what’s happening under that fuzzy sweater of doom also known as PM! Also including great features that focuses on revolutionary pathways in lighting and technology! Check out the Green Leaf Lab analysis on premier cultivars and crosses in Grow Chronicles – a gallery of the ready to harvest flower and dried nugs – which is unlike any other! Not only do we highlight the strain in beautiful high resolution macro shots, we highlight the grower that grew that particular flower- showing what they can do with a chosen cultivar. Also check out our Essential Products and get the latest reviews on lights and indoor equipment.
We got too high apparently in this Breeder’s Showcase interview with Suny Cheba, as we misnamed him in this issue as THSeeds! Not that we don’t know the two are different, we originally had an interview scheduled with THSeeds… so huge shoutout and thank you to Suny Cheba, THSeeds, and the crew for really being cool with us! Mistakes like this rarely happen, but we own up to them and press on. Email us with any questions or comments, or DM us on our Instagram @growmagazine

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