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The Quantum of Light — Volume 7 Issue 1


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Most growers probably know someone who plays music for their plants. But what is the scientific basis for this? Turns out, there is strong evidence that many plants respond positively to music. Here’s why you might want to try it or test it. Our expert grower friends Adam Jacque and Zacariah Hildenbrand talk about how cannabis responds to spectrum and intensity. The yield of the finished flower is highly influenced by the growing environment, and this feature breaks down how lighting spectrum, coverage, and penetration influence the outcome.

Other content includes:

  • livestock consuming CBD biomass
  • managing greenhouse humidity
  • understanding the brix measurement
  • an explanation of lumens
  • inviting women into the cannabis community
  • sterilizing hydro mediums
  • LEDs and hemp yields
  • essential product reviews
  • 6 pages of Chronicles (bud photos )
  • more!

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