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Sun Grown — Volume 7, Issue 2


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Here you can read about how, and why, Dark Heart Industries created the world’s first intrinsically seedless commercial cannabis. Autoflowering cannabis has a lot of advantages. Our growing experts Adam Jacques and Zacariah Hildenbrand explain that the latest commercially available autoflowering genetics have come a long way. Being able to get flowers regardless of photoperiod is a great asset and may become more important in the future. Another feature lifts the veil of tissue culturing. Tissue culture cloning is a process of producing identical starter plants. It’s consistent and quick.

Other content includes:

  • developing plant-based replacement for steel rebar
  • a farm visit with Oregon’s Real Eve, no-till greenhouse growers
  • protecting your pot plants from pollen
  • a Q&A with cultivators who debate the advantages of sungrown, indoor, or outdoor growing
  • the Emerald Cup’s new categorization of cannabis
  • a review of modern greenhouse performance and materials
  • outdoor growing in Canada
  • essential product reviews
  • 6 pages of Chronicles (bud photos )
  • more!

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