By Sophia Ruiz

I met Jinxproof’s “9 Pound Hammer” a couple of years ago at Twenty After Four dispensary in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood. These 9 Pound Hammer flowers were recommended by Michael, a friend in the neighborhood who was lurking in the lobby at the time, and had tried all 30 strains on the menu, insisting the hammer was above all-and he was right. The place sold out quickly and sadly the next batch hit more like a 2 pound hammer. Subsequent batches weighed in at 5 and 7 on a scale of 1 to 9–a testament to just how different genetically identical finished flowers can be. Michael and I have used the 1-9 scale to judge the quality of finished 9 Pound Hammer flowers ever since and he’s sure to stop by the office and share every time he stumbles across a perfect 9. As a consumer, NPH is easily on my top ten list and so naturally I have grown very familiar with the cultivar as a smoker and now as a grower having cultivated it for just over a year. I can’t say that I have produced a perfect 9 myself, yet, but Jinx got a kick out of me and Michael’s rating system and our enthusiasm for the genes when we reconnected recently. He joined in the fun, expressing his sadness to see the 2 and 5 pound representations of his baby out and about, especially since it’s relatively easy to grow.

Many of us are already familiar with Jinx the family man, grower, breeder, glassblower and entrepreneurial philanthropist from Instagram. His contagious positive vibes and affirmational posts are inspirational to many of us, me included, and so it was nice to get to know him better with this writing assignment. I started out with the standard who, what, when, where, why questions and quickly discovered that we’ve lived cosmically parallel lifestyles, on opposite coasts, under the radar, finding solace in the cannabis garden.

Jinx moves to Seattle from Sac town in the 3rd grade. As a teenager he started smoking on that Seattle skunk bud and before he was 20, he quit school and moved into his first apartment and began construction on his first basement grow, circa 1987. He moved in and out of different rentals/grows in the Greater Seattle area for the next several years building and tearing down grows at various homes as rental agreements ran their course. He joked, “I recall not really caring so much about my next potential rental space as a youngster looking for places, so much as I cared that the prospect house had a basement.”

He spent the next twenty years honing his craft in the garden, pioneering techniques and collaborating with some legendary breeders. Ten years ago, breeding just felt like the next logical progression in his life’s journey in the cannabis garden, so he started tinkering and this has lead to the development of the High Times Cannabis Cup winning 9 Pound Hammer cultivar, among others notable strains offered by jinxproof genetics dank bank. He’s organized his collection of unique genetics for purchase on his site Other notable genetics include Mother Tongue, Shangrila and Go Time, which yielded in excess of 30% according to some extractors/BHO blowers. Shangrila and Go Time are currently sold out, but Jinx promises that they will return soon. Also returning soon at a location to be determined, is his “School of Dank,” a hands on course where you can work in the garden with some of the world’s best growers and breeders, gleaning what you will from this priceless retreat. Historically these sessions have featured Odie Diesel, Pat Pooler, Subcool and Jinx himself, not to mention live glass with Bob Snodgrass. Stay tuned to his web and social for more info on this upcoming and ongoing series. 

Also, seed hoarders should be on the look out for more limited edition crosses from Jinxproof. Sure many seed banks have done random, one-off crosses with the promise that we, the public would never see them go there again, but Jinx delivers on his promises. He will sporadically offer experimental, one-time crosses and guarantees never to repeat or re-breed those same genetics. Jinx is a man of his word and a stand-up, loving family man with positive vibes he just can’t hide. The cannabis community and the human population is certainly a better for his contributions in the garden and at large in the community. He has blessed so many veterans, homeless and less fortunate people in his journey with food, finances, herb, love and his constant reminder to be positive (B+). Read on to learn more about some of the ways Jinxproof and Miss Rose have dedicated themselves financially and otherwise to genuinely help others and find out how you can help them continue on that righteous path.