Monitored Watering Really Works

Plants want just enough for increased yields

New Cannabis Grafting Technique

Maximum yields, root health

Dolphin Research

Reveals new endocannabinoid

A Non-cannabis Source of CBD & THC

Cannabis found in Trema micrantha blume

Inside the War On Drugs

A personal journey

Hemp Naturally Decontaminates Soil

Promising phytoremediation research

Cannabis! A Viper Vaudeville

Combining cannabis, vaudeville, and music

Highley Varlet

Artists behind “Weed Bags of New York”

Plaid Jacket

Lacey, Washington, farm has high ideals

Moon Made Farms

Redefining sustainability and relying on natural forces

Q&A About compost tea and microbial life

With Benjamin Webb

Q&A About Terpene Production

With Paul Fish


Recreational sales launch in July

South Dakota

Voters reject cannabis, again

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