By Grow



The first outdoor cannabis to see the sunshine every morning lives in Maine, and has since at least 1776. Mainers love their cannabis and now that they have voted to legalize the plant for recreational use, they are going to be loving stacks of money too. People from all over New England, New York, the entire U.S. and abroad are going to be investing in you again Maine. New Hampshirites and Vermonters alike will be moving in by the thousands, buying up your real estate and driving housing and commercial real estate markets through the roof.

Once they figure out the legal jargon, you are free to cultivate the plant and start a cannabis-based business and by all means you should. Someone is going to have to–demand will also be through the roof. At first, it will seem like a limitless horizon of opportunities, and it is essentially, but there is no aspect of the industry that is a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a lot of hard work no matter which branch you choose to climb, but it is American capitalism at it’s finest–opportunities like you’ve never seen before. Work smart, work hard, be dedicated and passionate about doing something positive for others when you’re out on that limb and the cosmos is certain to reward you. Be careful with your time and money and learn from the lessons unearthed the hard way by Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

And Maine lawmakers, don’t be stupid! Before you schlep out legislation and scrap and rewrite laws and change direction in-flight, be conscious of those pioneers that epitomize the American dream, putting their everything on the line to start their canna-business. Don’t be like Washington state and wait until everyone has played by the rules, investing everything they’ve got, time and money into their business, only to pull the rug out from under them and limit or outlaw the very thing you allowed them to invest in in the first place. “You cahn’t get theah from heah!”