By Landra DeLoach, CEO of Rocket Seeds

For cannabis consumers who are looking to grow their own flower, they are not alone. In fact, research from New Frontier Data estimates that around 3 million people grow their own cannabis at home, resulting in approximately 11 million pounds of dried cannabis a year. It’s predicted that this number will rise to 15 million pounds annually by 2030. With all this planting and growing, we often overlook the very foundation of all cannabis plants: the cannabis seeds. 

Affordable and flexible, cannabis seeds give growers the ability to cultivate specific strains with certain characteristics to support their health and wellness. Cannabis seeds are roughly the size of a peppercorn with an ovular shape leading to a pointed end. Seeds can range in color and striation, though they are typically brown. Seeds that are not fertilized will usually have an off-white appearance along with a significantly smaller body. 

Allied Market Research found that the global cannabis seeds industry was worth $1.3 billion in 2021 with predictions of it reaching $6.5 billion by 2031. North America accounted for more than 80% of the global seed market in 2021 and that dominance is expected to continue as more people tune in to the health benefits of growing their own cannabis plants. 

What’s in it for the home growers? New Frontier Data found out that 70% of home growers purchase seeds and grow their own cannabis because they enjoy it, and 52% do it because of the convenience. In addition to these perks, many research studies show that growing your own crops has multiple health benefits as well, including lower stress levels, less anxiety, and more time outdoors. Some creative chefs have even taken to including cannabis seeds in their dishes!

Seed Safety 

As the foundation of the entire cannabis industry, there are a lot of seeds to choose from and methods to purchase them. One way that is growing in popularity is online seed banks. For those who are new to purchasing seeds online, be sure to do your research on the legality of purchasing cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds are treated just like any other product by the broader strokes of legislation, the same as flower, concentrates, and edibles. The legality of these seeds varies based upon the state in which you reside. Always opt to check your local legislation before making any decisions. In states where recreational pot has been legalized, buyers need only to be 21+ to make an order on the internet. In states where it has not been legalized for recreational or medicinal use, purchasing seeds online is completely illegal.

Getting Started 

How do you choose the right online seed bank? Make sure you choose a reliable one with good customer reviews, quality customer service, and germination guarantees. You’ll also want to research their available strains, payment options, and shipping policies. You’ll want to start small by purchasing only a few seeds at a time. Before you plant, be sure to do your research — there are a lot of variables and the learning curve is steep, but worth it. 

While it can be overwhelming, there are a lot of resources to help. Rocket Seeds has a lot of advice on how to get growing, including the top strains for spring and the best beginner strains to grow. You can also find advice from the individual companies that manufacture the seeds and other online resources and apps, such as Seedtracker. 

Continued Growth 

Top cannabis research firm Brightfield Group estimates that the U.S. legal cannabis market will reach over $31.8 billion in annual sales by the end of 2023 and grow to over $50 billion in annual sales in just five years. The backbone and often overlooked part of this entire industry are the seeds from which each plant grows.