By Addison Herron-Wheeler

Rick Steves, a well-known travel writer and cannabis supporter, is now also a director of NORML. He has vowed to donate $100,000 to cannabis legalization during midterms, and urges other cannabis supporters to do the same.

“When I joined NORML a decade ago, no politician I know would stand by our cause,” he says in a letter asking for support. “Today I have a copy of a letter on my desk signed by both Washington state senators and nearly our entire congressional delegation asking President Obama to support the will of the people in our state. Just this morning I got a phone call from our governor, Jay Inslee, to thank me for the work the drug reform activists in our state have done and to say he was eager to work with us to make this new approach to marijuana work.”

To garner donations, he appeals to the emotions of NORML supporters and the history of the war on drugs.

“Think of how far we’ve come. Think of the heroic contribution drug warriors on the NORML team have made over the decades. Think of how our country is ripe for progress in drug policy reform. And now it’s time for a little heroism from you. Together we can make NORML $200,000 stronger. Dig deep, and give a little bigger than normal for NORML… right now.”