By Vanessa Salvia

You may soon (fingers crossed!) be able to order a pizza or burger and fries along with your post-meal marijane. In mid-October, Uber Eats announced a partnership with Leafly to begin delivering cannabis in Toronto, Canada. Adults (19+) in Toronto can order from licensed cannabis dispensaries through the Uber Eats app and have it delivered to them by the cannabis retailer. This marks the first time cannabis deliveries are possible on major delivery platforms. The press release says they hope this legal and convenient method of delivery will help combat the underground illegal market, which still accounts for more than 50% of all nonmedical cannabis sales in Ontario. They also hope to avoid having people driving after consuming cannabis, which 1 in 7 (14%) cannabis users admit to having done within two hours of consuming cannabis. Also, Circle K opened up their gas station convenience stores in Florida as retail space for cannabis dispensaries operated by Green Thumb Industries (GTI). Circle K has 600 locations in Florida and the partnership they signed will allow GTI to set up shop in 10 of those locations beginning next year. However, Florida regulators were quick to say that they have not yet approved the deal.