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Bloom – Volume 7, Issue 4


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Hawaii has one of the most challenging growing environments of anywhere in the world — wind, heat, humidity, and nearly all of the world’s known climate zones!Read how growers still manage to produce some of the best buds anywhere, and the dedication it takes. The second feature is a profile of legend Steve Kubby. Anyone who enjoys cannabis freedom or is working towards more cannabis freedom has him to thank for paving the way. Also, don’t miss tips on avoiding and dealing with gray and brown mold by growing guru Ed Rosenthal.

Other content includes:

  • Dark Heart Nursery’s research into Hop Latent Viroid
  • the event promotor at the Marijuana Mansion
  • a farm visit at Good Chemistry in Denver
  • collecting data
  • calculating vapor-pressure-density (VPD)
  • Molten Glass’s Chris Chippari
  • essential product reviews
  • 6 pages of Chronicles (bud photos )
  • and more!