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Indo Issue – Volume 3, Issue 1


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The INDO ISSUE for 2018… and it is HUGE!

52,000 Square Foot Commercial Build Out at Uplifted Farms
The Award Winning Kids at Sunstone Farms
and featuring Three a Light Guru Joshua Haupt

Also: Exclusive story: Todd McCormick and the hot article about firearms and cannabis, “A Word of Warning“, along with an one-of-a-kind interview with The Emerald Cup’s Tim Blake. Factory and lab tours of Aurora Innovations/Roots Organics photos and articles inside. We also discuss the Essential Products for your indoor lighting choices in our Tried and True Reviews. ASK ED Rosenthal section talks about hermaphroditing plants, russet mites, spider mites, and more!

New Grow Origins sections highlight The Emerald Cup and our 2017 Grow Classic. Grow Chronicles strains include Hindu Kush, Mint Diesel, Harlequin, Lemon Sour Diesel and more! And as always, the Grow Files – giving you pro tips when it comes to growing the finest cannabis on earth.

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