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What Happens After We Harvest? — Volume 6, Issue 4


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One of our favorite writers, Bill Drake, first wrote the OG guide to growing, The Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana, in 1968-1969. Here, he shares his personal story about how that came about, including how he got Oregon’s most conservative publisher to work with him. Most of us will never visit Afghanistan, much less get close enough to Afghan cannabis culture to get details and photos. Here you can get all that from a writer who spent two months in Northern Afghanistan where he watched from harvest to hash, and visited a small shrine.

Other content includes:

  • how to harvest with awareness to avoid post-harvest cannabis abuse
  • winterizing a cannabis greenhouse
  • adding carbon dioxide to the growroom
  • a survey of different hydroponic methods
  • growing on an active Caribbean volcano
  • more!

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