By Chris Gifford

One thing we all have in common not only as growers but as people, is the strive for progress and to achieve our goals that we have set for ourselves. Having a high standard for the tools, techniques and equipment we use are key to success in any work field. This article is to help the beginner to intermediate growers learn how to basically, harvest more and more often. Building inventory and product to make way for the future that lies ahead.

A misconception that people have is that it takes months and months to harvest and is extremely difficult to have a fully functional and productive grow. True and false, my opinion is that some have a green thumb and some don’t. Yes, with an average eight week flowering strain it will take four to six months to have up to two harvest. What you do with the time in between crops and transitioning will be what determines your productivity and efficiency levels.

In twelve months a good goal to set would be to try and harvest eight times. A few months to get situated and then once you start flowering the first cycle of plants it will be a conveyer belt that doesn’t stop until you just can’t do it anymore. Get a mother rolling and healthy enough to take clones. You will have to get into the groove of having multiple aged plants and knowing when to do what can be a pain. Small scale or large this is an effective way of in essence, production growing.

Having plants ready to go into your flower room has always been the mission. A healthy veg room with multiple-aged plants, two to four weeks apart in different sized pots is what you need. Mothers, clones, cups, quarts, gallons and five gallons (size pots vary on size of grow). That’s what my veg room will consist of, all ranging from two to four weeks apart is the key. My flower room will have two different aged cycles four weeks and eight ensuring I have a harvest monthly. Most of the strains I run are six to eight week strains (meaning that’s how long it takes to flower) so having plants ready to flower right away can be tricky but done. Done right, and it can cut a substantial amount of time in between harvests. Now that this concept is in your mind you understand what maintaining a healthy inventory of veg plants could do for you. After some time at this, you might decide to put your plants on wheels or find some other efficient way of moving the bigger containers from room to room while not sacrificing your back.

Everyone’s goals are different but if you are a small farmer with interest in progressing and producing more, a factory belt of plants is what you will need. Pruning, watering, feeding, spraying, and cleaning will be part of the weekly or bi weekly work load. Taking cuttings, making or buying your growing medium, transplanting, harvesting and trimming will be a monthly occurrence for you. Once a rhythm is found you as a grower will have certain methods and techniques you prefer. There are many ways to do one thing and its completely preference. This might not be for some growers but this is for the growers that want to set a higher standard for themselves and begin to have and achieve what they want as a grower. If in the first year you haven’t said uncle, then I congratulate you. You are well on your way to having a crop every month, twelve months out of the year.