By Grow

The West Coast has a vast supply of cannabis thanks to good growing weather and the legacy knowledge of production. But that is leading to an economic problem. There is too much cannabis, and West Coast states can’t sell it outside of their own borders thanks to the federal ban. There is hope that President Joe Biden’s administration will approve cannabis trade among states where it has been regulated. If that comes through, the West Coast could become a major area of supply for many other states. In fact, a recent report on Oregon Public Broadcasting says it was an “open secret” that some West Coast licensed growers were already illicitly doing that just to stay in business. Cannabis business owners have been vocal about the state’s 37% cannabis tax leaving little to no profit for the businesses. The Justice Department is currently drafting a new cannabis policy, but experts say they don’t expect it to go as far as paving the way for interstate commerce. However, in April, Washington, Oregon, and California lawmakers approved a “trigger bill” that will allow the governor to develop interstate cannabis trade if the feds allow it. Washington and Colorado were the first states to legalize recreational cannabis in 2012.