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Behind the Flower – Volume 5, Issue 4


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Come with us “Behind the Flower” • Robert C. Clarke returns with the third part to his series, Is Modern Cannabis Different? as we cover #sesquiterpenes and their origins @marijuanabotany 🌱 A huge welcome back to the other legend and OG: @edrosenthal420 with an important excerpt from his Marijuana Garden Saver about Nutrients and Deficiencies 🚑 The importance of #budtenders that know cultivation is huge, as many myths and lore is being passed from dispensary to customer… in “Through the Greenery” from @sativabongoria, a story about a girl who realizes this and starts out on her own mission to gain more knowledge about the plant, and to share it to those who might not have ever seen a live #cannabis plant. 💚🌱 Sweet centerfold action presented by the good folks @lostcoastplanttherapy 💫

Much more within: @toddpmccormick tells it like it is in “Profits are the Problem” – #GrowFiles includes flower lighting recommendations, along with some outdoor advice on how to tend to blooming plants, and an exposé on Bad Bugs in the garden and how to combat them. 🔥🔥🔥

Our subscribers may have noticed we heard ya, and are now shipping ALL orders out in black-poly bags for protection and privacy. Thank you and you’re welcome 🤗🙏 and last but not least…. our amazing #covershot by our friend @zwergen_wiese 📸 #cannabiseducation #thc #cbd #420 #cannabiscommunity #weedlife #terpenes #cannabiscures #metalhalide #ipm #pestmanagement #sungrowncannabis

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