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Sun Grown – Volume 5, Issue 3


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Basking in all it’s glory, the Sun Grown issue of 2020!

First, we remember Doctor Lester Grinspoon, a true academic pioneer in the medical cannabis movement and a true legend. He will always be remembered when we think of the Endocannabinoid system, and the story of his legacy is captured elegantly by the wonderful Todd McCormick.

With that, we also welcome back legend Robert Clarke with his exclusive feature series titled β€œIs Modern Cannabis Different?”, and in this installment we take a look at Cannabinoid Origins and the genesis of THC and CBD as we know it 🌱 – In “This Land of Ours” by Aurora Wynne, we visit Freshwater Farmacy in Humboldt, California and see what regenerative farming is like in the American Cannabis industry πŸ™Œ – After that, gear your facilities up with “Greenhouse Water Control,” Chris Machinich lays the four-walled gameplan out for commercial growing under the sunΒ πŸ’ͺ – Ridgeline Farms is bringing “black-market” quality cannabis back! Felisa Rogers talks with the owners and digs in to see how deep their roots go… β˜€οΈ – “From a Rebel to an Outlaw,” Rebel Grown’s own Ganja D reminisces and recollects the memories of where it all began.

Grow Files topics include “No Till Know-how” by Jason Benington, “Just Right: How to Choose an Outdoor Growing Containers” from Mass Medical Strains, “Shades of Growing Organically” by Grubbycup, “Transplanting Pro-Tips” by Mike Salvaty, “Sealed Controlled and Efficient” by Haley Bridgnell, and last but not least, “Appellation of Origin” by Swami Chaitanya

This is the print edition. Nothing feels better than the real thing! (printed on post-consumer recycled paper)
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