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Fall Issue – Volume 8, Issue 4




The new Harvest issue of Grow Magazine is here!  Three features look at high THC percentages, how to become or recognize great trimming, and reflections from growers on old-school and new-school techniques. If any one thing defines the cannabis industry of today, it’s change. In the days of old, growers were forced to operate underground for fear of prosecution. As such, how newbies learned to grow in the old-school days looked much different than what we see today. Plus, there’s a new awareness of how misleading high THC percentages can be. People are still tied up in this number, but we outline why that should only be a small part of what you look for in cannabis. The third feature is about the final stage of the cannabis cultivation process . . .  after the harvest, drying, and curing comes the meticulous task of trimming. Although tedious, trimming is an art form that requires care, precision, and great attention to detail. In this article, we examine the tools, techniques, and insider tips needed to become a cannabis-trimming pro.

Other content includes:

  • A Q&A with rapper Vic Mensa on equity in cannabis and starting the first Black-owned cannabis brand in Illinois
  • A farm visit to Rebel Spirit, one of Oregon’s top-selling brands for pre-rolls
  • A Q&A with a cultivator about flushing: how and why to do it
  • Podcasts for the home cultivator
  • New curing and drying techniques
  • Essential products
  • Beautiful photos of flower and extracts
  • And more!