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Science — Volume 7, Issue 3


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Hashish was first welcomed as medicine, and lauded as the elite’s elixir, then soon vilified by associations with immorality and madness, and through its prohibition to become a symbol of rebellion. Each chapter in its complex history has added to the lore and lure of hashish! Robert C. Clarke examines the lore and lure of this potent product. Magnetic energy and plants is not a new relationship, but it is one that has not yet been explored in the cannabis world. Bill Drake suggests that growers investigate how magnetism can affect cannabis germination, growth, health, and flowering. This amazing science is not a secret but is just beginning to be validated by Western academics and researchers.

Other content includes:

  • how Emerald Cup is changing cannabis judging
  • books about living soil
  • a Meet & Greet with Gerbrand Korevaar, curator of the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Barcelona
  • a farm visit with Colorado’s The Mountain Orchid
  • a Q&A with two cultivators who talk about nutrients & soil media
  • a new book, The Big Book of Terps
  • increasing plants’ nutrient efficiency with amino acid fertilizers and nitrogen
  • using insect waste as a soil amendment
  • essential product reviews
  • 6 pages of Chronicles (bud photos )
  • more!

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