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Summer Issue – Volume 8, Issue 3




The Grow Summer issue is here! We have three features, including one about taking cannabis back to its humble roots: cultivate it in the garden, like you would any other plant. If you have a gardener friend in your life who wants reassurance or inspiration to start growing cannabis, this is one feature you’ll want them to read. Another feature explains how scientists are (finally!) starting to use cutting edge techniques to test and experiment with cannabis. The third feature explores why labels like indica and sativa are becoming less informative, and what to ask about instead.

Other content includes:
  • Tips on choosing high-quality seeds
  • A farm visit to Obseshn in Eugene, Oregon
  • A Q&A with a cultivator about protecting your outdoor plants from extreme heat
  • The team of Florida’s Releaf Clinics
  • Info from growing guru Ed Rosenthal on increasing oxygen in the root zone
  • Proof that monitored watering really works
  • And more!