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2024 Summer Issue – Volume 9, Issue 2




The new Summer issue of Grow magazine is here! One feature explores the fascinating world of cannabis cultivation and culture. We delve into the ancient history of cannabis, tracing its roots through various cultures and examining the earliest consumption techniques. Our comprehensive guide to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) provides growers with essential strategies for maintaining healthy crops while minimizing chemical interventions. We also explore the science behind High Stress Training (HST), also known as super cropping, providing a scientific breakdown of how it works and why it’s effective. Whether you’re a seasoned grower, a cannabis history buff, or just curious about the latest in cultivation techniques, this issue of Grow has something for you.


Other exciting content includes:

  • A spotlight on Thailand’s changing cannabis market

  • An exclusive interview and photo feature with Oregon’s Alibi Cannabis

  • A Q&A about soil vs hydro for indoor growing

  • An exploration of THCV and its unique properties

  • A feature on Australian cannabis activists and their impact

  • An article on cutting-edge SanLight LED technology for grow operations

  • Essential products for growers

  • Beautiful photos of flower

  • And more!