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Flavonoids are one of the most common constituents of plants, including cannabis, but their potential for health benefits is almost completely untapped. A team of researchers are turning their focus to flavonoids to find out which plants have a lot of ’em and how to manipulate them for the characteristics consumers want and need. The second feature looks at how processing and extracting safety has improved in recent years, along with what can be done in a high-tech facility like the one we toured — Emerald Valley Processing in Eugene, Oregon. The third feature looks at the legacy of the founders of Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college, which offers a higher education program for the cannabis industry.

Other content includes:
  • Tips on storing cannabis to retain freshness month after month
  • An art installation that takes a close look at weed bags
  • a farm visit to Moon Made Farms in Humboldt, California
  • Ask a Cultivator Q&A about terpene production
  • Why you should grow your own if you can — from freshness and quality to the satisfaction you get, to avoiding pesticides and other concerns
  • An overview of how the European market has changed
  • Chronicles that look at outdoor buds and extracts
  • essential product reviews
  • and more!